Amilee Photo

My love for the arts started before I could pick up a pencil. Finger-painting the little mermaid and sloshing paint was the moment I knew my purpose in life. Creating art through visuals, music, and performance has not only been a form of expression but a coping mechanism. At age 7, I lost my step father to suicide. My family fell apart. Without my art, dance, music, writing, etc I would have been lost. So I practiced, not just to achieve skill, but because it was a part of me. It kept me feeling alive.

I began experimenting with different forms of art and purchased my first Camera. I went out shooting constantly, and found that my love of drawing portraits turned into a love of capturing portraiture.

The best part was the moment I made my model feel beautiful. This is why I do what I do. People are so beautiful and artistic just the way they are, and the moment they scroll through photos and see themselves through my eyes, something magical happens.